We've been helping people tell their story for a while now. The "we" in this case refers to Abe and Susan Martinez, co-owners of North Sound Productions.

It began almost 30 years ago with audio production, crafting radio programming for major market broadcasters, especially non-profits.

As digital media progressed and brought opportunities for cross-platform integration, we added video and website development to the mix. In fact, the type of media we create today didn't even exist when we got started.

But the essence of what we do – and what makes us unique –  has remained the same all along.

We help convey important messages by telling good stories. Here are some ways we can do that for you.

Script Writing

We specialize in collaborating with your staff and getting to know your business as we develop and produce compelling stories that connect with your target audience.

Video Production

Using graphic animations, photos and video, we produce unique media ideal for the web or live presentation. We specialize in using tools, such as VideoScribe, that capture (and hold) the viewer's attention.


With 30+ years of broadcast and presentation experience, we can offer in-house professional voice-over services to give each of your products a top-quality sound and feel.

Audio Production

Great audio is a vital ingredient often overlooked by media creators. Not with us. We spent decades working in the "theater of the mind" and we'll use those skills to make your projects exceptional and memorable.

North Sound Productions - we make compelling media by telling good stories